After we contacted Mario De Riso from Frontiers Records, a record label responsible for releasing Moon Land ft. Lenna Kuurmaa’s first album, we received more official information about the project.

MOON LAND Featuring Lenna Kuurmaa

 Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the signing of Estonian artist Lenna Kuurmaa for a brand new Melodic Rock studio project band called MOON LAND.

Lenna Kuurmaa is a 360° artist, singer, actress and TV personality. Born in Estonia, Lenna has been the front-woman of the Pop-Rock sensation VANILLA NINJA (which took part to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 representing Switzerland and released 4 studio albums awarded with gold and platinum records in different European countries). While the band is on hiatus, lately she has concentrated on her TV and acting career. She has also started a more mainstream and pop oriented solo career which is very successful and brought her to win many music awards in Estonia. But Lenna has a Rock heart so, the MOON LAND project sees her coming back to Melodic Rock with a musical style mostly akin to Heart and Europe.
The MOON LAND project started when Frontiers Records President Serafino Perugino started to look for a female voice which could work on a bunch of beautiful Melodic Rock songs he gathered.
With a debut album planned for release in late 2014, the MOON LAND will debut some of the new songs on the second day (May 2nd) of the Frontiers Rock Festival to be held at the Live Music Club in Trezzo (Milan).

Under the news you can see the video featuring Lenna’s special interview and previews of a few of the songs that will be found on Moon Land ft. Lenna Kuurmaa’s first CD.