Lenna Kuurmaa and Robert Vaigla told magazine Anne&Still that their daughter Ami had been born at the beginning of March with the help of the emergency caesarean section. When the ceasarean section’s anesthesia started to work, I was completely panicked. – says Lenna. I could not understand anything. There were tears in my eyes and I was weeping. Then I heard the child’s cry and I saw fuzzily that Robi is standing on the other side with a baby in his arms.
When Lenna was rolled with her bed to the baby and doctors started to congratulate her on becoming a mother, she realized that everything was allright. The labour had begun on March 2nd without any complications but it took a sudden turn. Contractions had been happening for quite some time already when at one point a midwife noticed something suspicious and the whole ward suddenly got full of hustle. Robert watched the happening childbirth helplessly and could not understand a thing.
It was like “Chicago Hope” (an American medical- drama – ed.). We both were shocked. What happens now? Great that I took the sh*tty course. – recalls the guitarist.
He understood that there was nothing bad happening, when the midwife while being in a hurry to the ward, asked him to take the camera with him quickly. Seven or eight minutes later the girl took the first breaths in her life.
Now the couple enjoys the roles of the full-time parents. Lenna does not rush to go back on stage. She performs from time to time but she made a choice to take a year and a half off the hard work to commit herself to the baby fully.
At the beginning I had been sure that I would change hardly antyhing in my life but when the baby was born I realized I could not really do so. I want to be with Ami all the time and enjoy it.

We will try to translate more of this interview for you whenever we get our hands on the full text. Hopefully the scans will also be available in our gallery soon.

Source: Õhtuleht