At night of March 2nd 2013 Lenna Kuurmaa and Robert Vaigla’s daughter was born into their family and since then the fresh parents have not been seen publicly and not much has been heard about their activities. Today Lenna was a “telephone” guest on Raadio 2 show “Siin me oleme” and she told the show’s host, Tõnu Pedaru, that she had already got used to the new role and situation. The presenter asked her whether the birth of her child had changed her life and made her feel reborn, as many women claim to feel after giving  birth to their first child. She changed the whole life of mine but I do not know if I felt any revolution. – answered Lenna.
Lenna Kuurmaa did not agree to reveal the child’s name, however she mentioned a few other names – “Kus kulgeb kuu” and “Desperado” are the songs that she will perform on Thursday at Mihkel Raud’s big concert that is taking place during Õllesummer festival. But she said that together with Robi they would have an exclusive interview for one of the Estonian magazines and all the information about her family would be included there.
Lenna also said that she did not plan a long break from all her artistic activities. I work on a few songs at home and so does Mihkel (Raud, Lenna’s guitarist – editorial note). – she said. In the meantime she and Robert Vaigla make music on their own but everything is planned that way so they would not have to be away from their child for too long and leave their daughter under care of someone else. Lenna also mentioned that she had recently taken part in some film castings, so it is possible that we will soon see her on the cinema screens again.
I recommend to work less! – Lenna’s summer wishes for everyone made at the end of the interview were simple and beautiful. And she knows what she is talking about – she is taking some rest, travelling with her young family through Estonia and spending some time in her summer house in Mulgimaa and on Estonian beaches and that made her sound very cheerful and fresh throughout the whole interview. You can listen to the interview HERE. Click on the “Siin Me Oleme – 2013-07-02 14:00” and then rewind to 30:37 min.

Source: PUBLIK