A few days ago a magazine “Naised” wrote that the baby of a former Ninja-girl Katrin Siska and her loved one, Kristjan Varik, should see the light of the day at the end of this month and that the future mother had settled down in Pärnu. Katrin Siska says that the magazine “Naised” made the story up.
Vanilla Ninja Portaal contacted Katrin to find out whether her child would be born in July rather than at the end of June as the magazines claimed and to clear up the matter of her stay in the summer capital of Estonia. Katrin replied that journalists come up with such stories only by themselves and that gives the readers misleading information about the expected date of delivery and a move to Pärnu. In fact, we go to Pärnu during weekends to surf, not to move there. – she explained. According to Katrin, her child is to be born in July.

Source: PUBLIK