On March 14th 2013 the public knowledge was enriched with the information that additionally to Lenna Kuurmaa who recently became a mother of a daughter another ex- ninja – a director of Lindakivi Keskus, Katrin Siska, is expecting a baby.
A few months ago when the magazine „Naised” asked Katrin about having a baby the woman seemed a bit absent-minded and tried to equivocate but eventually she denied being pregnant and requested not to be bothered on that topic again. Now there is no reason to doubt this joyful news because supposedly Siska is already six months pregnant and the growing tummy is a clear sign that the new life is soon to be born.
Siska’s closest ones say that the woman is going on the maternity leave soon and the baby will probably see the the light of the day in May or June.
The ex-singer’s pregnancy has been confirmed by some of her collegues from Lindakivi kultuurikeskus. They are all very happy about the birth of the director’s first child.
The rumours confirm that the child’s father is Siska’s long-time partner, businessman Kristjan Varik, whom Katrin met already a few years ago.

The Vanillaninja.eu crew would like to congratulate Katrin and Kristjan on their first baby! We wish you a lot of joy, hapiness and health to your baby! 🙂

Source: Õhtuleht