Just like every year, Raadio 2 is now collecting votes for its famous music chart for the end of the year – Aastahitt. Everyone can send their votes for 3 Estonian and 3 foreign artists and their songs. There is only one circumstance – the song has to be released in year 2012. All you have to do to vote is:
2. Write down your 3 favourite Estonian artists and their songs in the part “EESTI artist/lugu” (artist (EST)- artist (ENG), lugu (EST) – song (ENG) )
3. Write down your 3 favourite foreign artists and their songs in the part “VÄLISMAA artist/lugu”
4. Fill in the contact form: Nimi – name, Telefon – phone number, E-post – e-mail adress.
5. When you are done with everything, click “Hääleta”.
The artist and/or the song can be repeated and you can vote as many times as you like. Unfortunately, this year Vanilla Ninja has not released any new song, again. But Lenna did! You can vote for Lenna’s song “Mina jään” that placed 2nd in the final of Eesti Laul 2012 competition by writing “Lenna” as “artist” and “Mina jään” as “laul” (all in “EESTI artist/lugu” part). You can also choose to vote for Lenna’s song “Naked Harbour” that became a theme song for the Finnish film “Vuosaari”. If you choose to do so, then you should write “Lenna Kuurmaa” as “artist” and “Naked Harbour” as “laul”. Let’s try to bring Lenna’s songs to the TOP 10 of Aastahitt 2012! The winners will be announced during the official gala in January.