Rumours about the end of Katrin Siska and Jana Kask’s co-operation have been floating around for quite some time already. They have been confirmed today after Katrin Siska officialy announced the end of the co-operation between her and Jana. Unfortunately, I was Jana Kask’s fifth manager. Our co-operation was difficult and ended the same way as with the previous managers. Perhaps it is better to end this nightmare than let it last. – said Katrin is her short comment on the matter. Siska and Kase had started working together in May. Their co-operation resulted in Jana’s new stage name – Miss Jillion. Last month, Jana Kask alias Miss Jillion released the first single called “Milijon”. Music to this song was written by Vahur Valgmaa and Jana Kask. Lyrics were prepared by Katrin Siska and Jana Kask.

Source: Õhtuleht