For now, on the Expressions’ website we can see the summer season’s promotional photos of Lenna posing with cats and kittens. The thing is about to change, as the animal models were exchanged for much bigger and biting snow leopard from the Tallinn’s Zoo.
This very unique opportunity of posing with the snow leopard born on April 23rd 2012 turned out to be more complex than any of the participants had expected and the two hours that had been meant for the whole photoshoot were spent on getting to know the new people by the leopard, rather than on the photoshoot itself. The truth is that the photos were taken only at the end of the photoshoot as no more shots were necessary.
It turned out that the 3-months-old-“kitty” was really an erratic and wild forest animal that, despite the great efforts of the staff, changed the plans of all the people and subordinated them to her own wishes and desires. The photographer, stylist and Lenna were new to her and, what is more, they brought new chewable things that she could play with. She especially liked a long tulle skirt, that now has big wholes in the fabric.
The small crowd gathered in front of the glass to take a look at the claws and teeth of the leopard. People were brought there by the frightened and excited voices of those taking part in the photoshoot. Piret Puppart, the stylist working on the photoshoot, came out with scratches on her hand. The photographer, Laura Kallasvee, discovered the teeth marks on her boots and camera’s support stand later in the afternoon.
The whole happening brought a lot of excited photographers to the Tallinn’s Zoo. A lot of them were standing in front of the glass and taking photos.
Take a look at the photos from the “behind the scenes” in our GALLERY and remember to check out the Expressions’ website and their shop windows in a few weeks to take a look at the final results of the photoshoot.
Yesterday, Lenna took part in another photoshoot for Expressions. It took place in Hiiemäe talu. You can view the “making of” photos in our GALLERY. What is more, you can also watch the short interview made with Lenna during the photoshoot in the Tallinn’s Zoo, below.

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