A musician and Lindakivi Kultuurikeskus’ director Katrin Siska (28), who just graduated from the university, can not take some time off from the work because apart from the existing duties she has, she has started doing something else which is new and engaging to her. Namely, in May she became Jana Kask’s manager. Jana Kask is a young and promising Estonian singer who made a career breakthrough by winning the Estonian version of the American TV programme “Idol”, “Eesti Otsib Superstaari”.
It is a non-routine and exciting work. Over the recent years I have felt the strong need to help and advise young artists and after by the stroke of luck I met Jana, I wanted to take her under my wings. She is a great singer and I feel that she can achieve a lot.– Siska explained Elu24.ee why she had decided to become Jana’s manager.
Katrin said that Jana had a forceful voice, strong character and inner brightness. According to the new manager, she wants to reach the top with her team and has already forgotten about the chillout for the sake of the hard work.
What is more, Siska also takes care of Jana’s style. Yes, together we worked out the vision and Marjamaa’s tailors are now masterising it. We are now waiting for the new stage costume by the top designer Ketlin Bachmann-Põldroosi to be finished.

Source: Õhtuleht