Today Vanilla Ninja posted a new statement concerning Pestivals on their official Facebook page.

To all affected fans for Pestivals show Cancellation:

We published some days ago with dissapoinment the announcement that we were forced to cancel the show at Pestivals on July 28th in Riga, Latvia.

We knew that many fans would be truly affected by this particular issue as most of them are comming from outside Latvia.

The main reason that forced us to take that hard desition, was because organizer of Pestivals was unprofessional. Organizer for example, didn´t had a proper contract himself (!), excusing that their lawyer was too busy. In order to have a contract with time, with Management we wrote a proper contract with technical details on the band, plus our basic requirements, this contract was sent to him with a proper deadline to make payment and usual signature. Organizer didn´t mind our timmings and irresponsabily broke our deadlines twice, saying he was too busy to check it, sign it, be “physically” available, etc. He was not even replying phone calls. The third time, we needed to take this hard desition, as it already looked BAD, as he was just plainly “buying time” and changing conditions.

Now that we expose this facts in detail, we want to say to all those fans that are affected and already buyed their costly tickets, please contact the promoter and try to get your money refunded.

We will inform you when we can feel better and have the will and power to make a well deserved activity for our loyal fans.

We feel very dissapointed and angry at the same time, we wanted to give you a great concert, but this ugly situation leads us to find a better time for that to happen.

We do ask you to understand the situation and we are very sorry for all inconveniences this people is causing you.

Thank you,

Vanilla Ninja

What is more, Katrin assured us and all the Vanilla Ninja’s fans that everyday Ninjas are discussing the bad situation and thinking how, when and where they could still meet with all the fans who have planned to come to Riga on July 28th. It is a huge shock that Pestivals played such a bad and unprofessional trick on Vanilla Ninja.