Katrin Siska’s message she wrote us:

[..] We are sooooooo sad!!!!

We feel terribly bad because of what happened with Pestivals.

In the beginning of this year we refused from all the other shows for this summer and Pestivals was the only huge Vanilla Ninja concert-show planned this year in whole Europe after 3-year break.

This is unbelievable that we planned to give a ggggreat 10th VN anniversary performance in Latvia and now it is cancelled!

Organizer did not sign our contract and used our popular band name without any written permission to sell lots of festival tickets.

We asked Pestivals organizer to remove Vanilla Ninja band name from the festival list and to buy back all the festival tickets from VN fans.

We are totally sad, angry and disappointed! Unfortunately we don”t have now time at all to organize something else, very big and cool for this summer.


Actually, there exists a possibility that Pestivals’ organizers are hiding the truth from Vanilla Ninja fans and this is why they are not answering questions concerning contracts with other artists. Vanilla Ninja confirmed that there was no contract signed with them and the deadlines they had set were entirely ignored by the organizers. Apart from that, neither B.o.B. nor Lloyd, nor other artists as well, have listed their performance at Pestivals on their official websites.

We suggest you to follow Vanilla Ninja’s Facebook page as it gives the real information about the whole situation. You can also keep an eye on Pestivals Facebook page and posts by others.

We will keep you updated. Last updated 11.07.2012 13:30