Dear Vanilla Ninja fans!

As you all know, 10th anniversary is an extremely important event in every band’s career. On such occasions, fans usually make big actions during a jubilee concert. For that reason, our crew decided to think of a few ideas concerning what we could do. Let’s create the history TOGETHER and prepare a memorable and priceless gift for the girls on this extraordinary occasion.

1. The first idea is very simple. When the girls are on stage playing the beginning of the song „When the Indians Cry”, we all take out the lighters, lighten them, hold them high and wave to the rhythm of the song (you can use a mobile phone with the screen turned on as well). It is a common happening during the big concerts but it always makes a big impression on the performing artists.

2. The second idea demands a bit more from. What we have to do is to take cards with „Thank You” written on them with us. We have already prepared a design of the card – it is available HERE (JPG version) and HERE (PDF version) and you should print it out on your own. We will hold these cards up when the girls start singing first „Cool Vibes” chorus and then later on. This is the right song for the action because a lot of people got to know Vanilla Ninja from the Eurovision and still identify them with this event.

Members of our crew will have some more copies of the cards for those who forget. If you can, try to print out more copies, so you could give them to the people who do not have any. It has to be a HUGE action, so the more fans & cards, the better : )

It would be amazing if we all could remember about it and make this ideas come to life during the concert. Take into account that it is crucial to do it TOGETHER and not just in a group of a few people. We have to show VN that we are united, strong and supportive, no matter what happens. There is no doubt that Ninjas will appreciate the fact that all the fans take part in such actions to show their care and love.

We need to make girls proud of their lovely fans and their band once again! 🙂
If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments. See you in Riga!