As all of you know, this year Vanilla Ninja is celebrating its 10th anniversary on July 28th 2012 during the festival Pestivals in Riga, Latvia. Vanilla Ninja’s official Facebook page organized a contest for those of you who are willing to come to Riga but still do not have tickets.

CONTEST: If you really really wanna go to see Vanilla Ninja live at Pestivals this July 28th 2012 in Riga, Latvia, and you are WILLING TO TRAVEL there this summer. Just send us an email to telling us why you wanna go there. We will give away the first tickets this Sunday June 17th.

We´ll meet at Pestivals in Riga! 🙂

So, if you do not have the tickets already, send an e-mail to and become a winner! Do not miss the chance of seeing Vanilla Ninja on such an extraordinary occassion – do what you can to come to Riga in July. We are going to be there too, waiting for you 🙂