Are you happy about Vanilla Ninja’s performance at the festival “Pestivals” in Riga, Latvia? Well, that’s not over, we have more great news!  Today we got an official statement about Vanilla Ninja from Broken Records International A.S. The quote is given below.

Broken Records International S.A. Statement
Santiago, Chile | April 2012

Good day!

We are glad to announce that many Vanilla Ninja fans can be happy this summer, because you can enjoy your favorite band this summer LIVE! in a new festival that will take place in Riga, Latvia. This is “Pestivals” at Mezaparks ( We are sure this will be a very special venue and a very special show, so we invite all fans that can go to Riga this July 28th 2012. Vanilla Ninja will make a GREAT show!

There is interest from some other places (festivals), but we will not publish or reveal until we have something confirmed. It seems that Vanilla Ninja can make some other great shows near you this summer. So keep on wishing!

Thanks for the patience to all loyal fans! We know who they are.

See you all this VN summer!

Hector Faune
CEO | Founder Broken Records International S.A.

You can buy tickets at Latvian, Lithuanian or Estonian ticket portals.

Latvia: HERE (currency – Ls)
Lithuania: HERE (currency – Lt)
Estonia: HERE (currency – Euro).

More news coming soon!