The end of they year is arriving quickly and so are the end-of-the-year’s radio charts. Raadio 2 opened the internet voting already some time ago. Here you can choose your favourite songs of the year- both Estonian and foreign. We suggest you to vote for Lenna’s Vana klaver, Ebaõnn naeratab, Õnnelaul, Hüvasti, Maa! and Tule kui leebe tuul (recorded with Märt Avandi). Also Unistuste Bänd 2011 (eng. Dream Band 2011) has to be chosen. The only VN girl that has not been yet been a part of it is Piret Järvis. You can put her name for a place of vocalist or guitarist. Lenna Kuurmaa, Katrin Siska, Kallervo Karu, Paul Oja, Mihkel Raud and Robert Vaigla can not become members of Unistuste Bänd again so you can not write their names in any of the places in Unistuste Bänd voting. Who you can still vote for are for example Reigo Ahven (Lenna’s drummer), Tõnis Kivilisid (Lenna’s bass guitarist) and Kiur Aarma (Lenna’s guitarist). The voting closes on January 6th 2012.