Ninjaportaal asked Ninjas how they would spend the Midsummer day and holidays. Lenna said “Summer will be rather busy for me (3 concert tours and works on the new CD), but it’s fine. There’s nothing better than travelling around the beautiful, sunny Estonia and playing concerts. I have a free day on Midsummer day and I will probably enjoy it together with my friends on Hiiumaa, although on June 25th I already perform with my band on Tuletorni festival in Rannapungerja”. Katrin plans are strictly connected to surfing. “I don’t go on summer vacation, because in spring I went surfing in Venezuela. Now I surf during the weekends, in Estonia and in Latvia. I also plan to surf on Midsummer day, so I hope that the sun and the wind will be great, just as the weather forecast predicts” said Kati to Ninjaportaal. Only Piret had no plans made yet when asked.