This Summer, Piret Järvis had a difficult decision to make – whether to attend the Tartu University in Autumn in order to study journalism and public relations or semiotics. Piret decided, for practical reasons, to choose the first option.

Piret, who works at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications as a public relations specialist, will soon have get wisdom about her work.

She had previously studied journalism and public relations at Concordia International University in Estonia, but there was Vanilla Ninja and she was travelling the world because of many concert tours. “I moved right after graduating from high school to study public relations, but as the times came when I was far away from Estonia, I was forced to discontinue studies at the end of the second year” she said to Kroonika Online.

Järvis has always known that she would have to abandon the university one day, and since in recent years the life of the Estonian got balanced, it was just the right time to resume her studies. “I will continue studying the same subject which I abandoned at Concordia a few years ago and use as much as possible from the previous gathered material to get the points in the new program” said Piret.

This also means that to get the diploma, Piret needs to go to the university for only about one and a half years.

Source: Kroonika