The new look. Today, the new version of official Vanilla Ninja Latin America site is online. The design and coding was created by our staff members vn-lt-fan and Rosi and modified by BRI! Go and check it out – VANILLANINJA.CL .

The mission. Broken Records International / Music For Export S.A. is starting a Vanilla Ninja marketing campaign focused on spreading the word about Vanilla Ninja group. You can read the official quote below:

Quote from BRI
Broken Records International / Music For Export S.A.
, announces with the relaunch of Vanilla Ninja´s Latinamerican website (, that they started a marketing campaign, focused in a first instance in Chile, to later activate it in other Latinamerican countries, this campaign haves different activities to start, such as invades the biggest local radios, (we would need the help from all of our fans once we announce it).  We also plan to do many things with mainstream media, all this linked to get new people to know Vanilla Ninja, for this reason the Official Vanilla Ninja´s Facebook ( will be the place to gather all this new fans.  We also contemplate the release of “Love is War + Xtras” album, with a special package and special content.  A second coming to Latin America and Chile of Vanilla Ninja girls, will depend on the response from the old and new fans we´ll generate, this is why we ask to allVanilla Ninja fans to support the band when we´ll ask you to vote in a radio for example. And finally soon we´ll announce a series of contests where you can win special and interesting Vanilla Ninja materials.

To all fans that has been always supporting Lenna, Piret & Katrin. Thank you!