It is a common knowledge that from year 2007 Lenna tries her luck in acting. She touched almost every type of it- a movie (Kuhu põgenevad hinged), TV series (Kodu keset linna), theatre play (Perikles), musical (Snoopy), a trailer for a book (Nullpunkt), advertisement (Puhas Loodus cosmetics), short movies that raise awarness (Laps otsib Turvakeskusest abi) and, of course, music video (Lenna – Kogu tõde Jüriööst). What is more, she had also studied acting in New York. Later she took some time off, to concentrate on the music, but now she came back to acting again. She joined Cabaret Interruptus. On September 4th, at Uus Maailm Tänavafestival in Tallinn, she not only played with her band, but also performed a play Linna Luul together with other members of the cabaret. It can be a good explanation for her rather uncommon outfit on that day. Drummer from Lenna’s band, Reigo Ahven, joined the Interruptus team either. You can view the poster of the play here, and one photo from their rehersal here. For more info you can check Cabaret Interruptus’ Facebook page.