Katrin Siska: “I hope that Lindakivi Centre will connect Estonians and Russians”.

Katrin has already worked for five months as a director of the Lindakivi Centre. During this time she has found out that this kind of job suits her.

For many years Katrin has been a member of quickly developing Vanilla Ninja. Because of that long time spent in the band, she feels the lack of music in her life now, when she works as a director of the Lindakivi Culture Centre. But she is also connected to music through her work in the centre – it is her choice, what artists will Lindakivi pick up to perform on its events.

“I honestly admit that I mostly take advantage of being the director of the centre. This is an office work: economy, PR, resolving legal issues and cultural events” she says.

Katrin took Delfi on a little tour to the Lindakivi Centre, where she shows for example her office and the meeting room. See the video of Katrin speaking about her dreams and goals below:

Source: Delfi.ee