On August 4th Õhtuleht made an interview with Katrin, who is now a full-time director of the Lindakivi Culture Centre. She was  talking about her work and the little free time she had. She also mentioned the way in which she is still connected to the musical world. “At home I play the piano and write songs, but I have less time than I used to. The band is still inactive and will remain like this for some more time, but it will for sure come to life again in the near future”. If you want to watch the interview with Katrin, just click here.

When it comes to Lindakivi Centre, it is worth mentioning that lately it organised Ott Lepland’s concert, which took place nowhere else than in centre’s seat. The aim of the event was to celebrate the beginning of the school year together with the children. Katrin was present there, as centre’s director. She also shared her opinion about Ott’s performance with the journalists. “I haven’t seen Ott performing live before, it was the first time for me. It was really cool, I liked it” said Katrin after the show finished. You can view a few photos of her, by clicking the Delfi.ee source link below.

Source: Delfi.ee, Õhtuleht