Today we have added some new features and done some small fixes for you all to enjoy, which we hope will make it more easier for you as the fans to use and interact with.


  • You can now check for “Recent Comments” (in sidebar)
  • Improved list style
  • Added some cool effects to menu (try to hover over it)
  • Updated site info (in sidebar)
  • News archive is now available (in sidebar)


  • Links for Elite sites are now working (in sidebar)
  • Now you can open the music player in new window (than it won’t stop playing while you’ll be browsing)
  • Added Top Affiliates from old version (in sidebar)
  • Fixed sidebar (in some cases the sidebar went under content, news)

We would also like to inform you all that the German version of Love-Ninjas is ready and available. You can now read news in German by clicking on the flag in the sidebar or by clicking HERE.