Hey, hey! Finally the day has come when we can introduce to you all the new Love-Ninjas.com! I must say that we worked very, very hard on this version – practically everything is changed.

You might ask yourself “what’s new”? We will tell you!

  • A new design (well that’s obvious).  This lovely layout was created by Samary1175 and was coded by VN-LT-FAN for all of you guys to see
  • The whole site is completely reformed. Now we use a powerful Content Management system – WordPress!
  • News in German (from August 30 th)! We thought that having only one language is not enough, so we are now happy to announce that from now you can read the news in German! But we won’t stop with that! We want to have news in other languages too. So if you want to join our team and would like to translate news to Estonian, Polish or any other language than write to us and we will consider your candidacy!
  • New staff. Our staff was supplemented with 4 new people. Let me introduce them!
    Evita – Admin of photo gallery, German / English news writer, translator.
    Ruka – German news writer
    Hollie – Responsible for sparkly English, editor
    Samary1175 – Admin of photo gallery
  • Updated gallery. Probably you have seen that our photo gallery has not been updated for a long time and started to become like a photo archive. Well that’s over! We now have new people who will take care of the gallery and very soon you will see new photos. In October Love Ninjas gallery will unite with other site and will be reformed once again.
  • More fun. Now the site has became more interactive. You can now rate news, comments, read “Short newz” (available soon), share Love Ninjas news on ALL social sites and take part in polls!

We hope you all love and enjoy the new version of Love-Ninjas.com and if you would like to discuss or talk about any of the changes feel free to head over to the forums and post your opinions or leave a comment on here 🙂

P.S. – News archive and more updates (which we haven’t time to finish) will be available soon.