The first logo used by Vanilla Ninja was in 2003. It was “Vanilla Ninja” written in the font “Enya”, which they got from Enya”s album. It was used until the end of 2005.

The new logo for Vanilla Ninja was designed by one of the best graphic artists from “Stage Division” after they signed to a new label. The logo is one that all three girls like. Lenna, Katrin and Piret told the graphic artist how they wanted it to look like and what each part should represent.

A few months later, after the initial design, the logo was changed slightly and became the official logo that they use today. This logo has represented Vanilla Ninja since 2006.
It’s not just a random logo, it has a meaning. Read the description below of what it exactly means.


They represent independence. Lenna once said: “Wings to us have always symbolised freedom. In the past magazines and newspapers only wrote lies about us and people believe what journalists write. They only write lies to earn more money or to become famous. Some people think they symbolise freedom from Bros Music and David Brandes, but we didn”t think of it that way.”


This represents pre-dominance for the girls. Piret once stated: “The top part of our logo represents the power of Vanilla Ninja. It expresses all the things we went through, which other artists haven”t experienced. We started out from the very bottom and battled our way through to becoming famous and getting into the charts. It is like a crown for the text “Vanilla Ninja”.”


This part was designed by the girls themselves and represents all the seasons. Lenna once said: “At the top of this part there are open plants which represent Spring and Summer. In the middle the plants are starting to hide, representing Autumn. At the bottom is Holly which is associated with Christmas and represents Winter. This part is also a sign for our music and for us being in the hearts of our fans.”