All at TINSELTOWN (especially Jens, Henrik, Kiko, Michelle, Fly, Flo, Lars, Claudio and Christian) for all your support, Triinu Kivilaan, the “Team VN” (especially Silvia, Christoph, Sebastian and Nina), all at EMI MUSIC GERMANY (especially Tina, Uli, Jona, Daniel, Susanne, Ornella, Berthold, Heike, Frank, Giacomo, Kofi, Andy, Julia R. Judith, Kerstin and Julia V.), Jürgen for everything, Eddy Will, Reinhard Fischer, everybody at TOPTEN, our band and crew (Flo, Mo, Jens, Hödy and Pit), all at WORLD CONCERTS (especially Olaf and Marita), Niel van Hoff for kickin’ this off, Chicken and all at KÖLN80, Chris van Kamp, NOLITA, FORNARINA, Marc at HAARKLINIK, Kalle and Laura at LTU, Gee, Sven Lõhmus, Sheila, Kati & Mammu, Hansi Kecker, Petra, Feli, Frank and Valery, Andreas Lukin, all at YAMAHA, all at SENNHEISER, all at FISCHER AMPS, all at RCR, all at AVANTGARDE and VW.

Big thanks to all fanclubs, fanboards, magazines, TV- and radio stations, webmasters who supported us through the last year

And most of all we thank our fans who are always with us – you are the best!


Wow, this is our 4th album now. It’s been a long way (but I hope it`s going to be even longer). All of you, our fans and supporters, have made it a huge fun for us. Thank you so much! I love you. I want to thank my family – you mean a world to me! My dearest friends – Kaifs, Retke 30 family, StaaP – hey, all the punkrock shows would have never been so much fun without you. And all the midnight soccergames on the beach and our summer barbecues..dreaming about the band that never existed :). Robi, Jeff, Miku, Sander, Michelle, Elmar, Sugar – I keep you all close to my heart. My 2 favourite girls – are you ready..? Let`s take it all the way.. My love goes out to you! *Those who know what they want, can win*


My love, kisses, respect & deepest thank yous go out to Emme, Issi, Mari, Pets & the rest of my big familia, Artur – mu lõvi!, Kairi, Liisi, Sven, Andreas Bayless, Andres, Braz, Priidu, Raido – Miami forever!, Raoul & Jaanus plus the rest of the Starlite Agency, our fans, Lenna & Kati – you 2 are just so god-damn wonderful!!! I just want all of you to know that you have made my life very special…Thank you!


Dear mam-dad-siSta-riCHie.. thankss a lot for your inCrediBLe support & endless enthusiasm, for underStanding my cRazy lifestyle! u guys took such a good care of me! u won´t be repLaced oR forgotten, i´ll aLWays lovE u. oLivjääR, u´re an amazinG person.. all those years u made me feel so happy! ILY more than words can descRibe… a lot of thanxx to my cooLest buddieS for avoiding the boring moments in my liFe.. karolin, kairi-tiGer & our chihuahua gatherings;), incredible hardcoRe surfmetal band Encased Sun, hainz-sille-jänx, kätu-daf-risto, rx-marja, maniakk-aiwa-pussu-schmidt-eku-ott, thai faLangid märten-jens, kiku-mammu & filmimehe crew, status club… especially to those maddest party-animals out there.. tattoofReak argo & tannu, micKu, priidu-jan, vigeR, uuwee-siLver, kata-tanel, kuuBabeebi…& ofcourSe my gorgeous ninjasiStas – thanks a lot for making the “oh mein Gott!” joke/song happen.. we´ve been laughing our asses off so many times! i love u for being a part of my life.


Special Thanxxs:
David, du bist unser König auf der Welt! (Translation: David [Brandes], you are our king of the world) You’re our big brother and we love you very much!! Petra. Janine, Pirat & Chico – it’s been fun, thanks! Gracia, you have the biggest heart and you make the best pancakes… so be ready to make more!;) Jan, you little naughty KARU – thanks for the wonderful artwork! Michi, we all fell in love with you! Sascha & Team – thanks for amazingly rocky videos and photos. Domenico “Scad sööge ködi!”. Sebastian you are the coolest superhero tourmanager in the world! Mike, Elvis is not dead! Matthias, thanks for being always so helpful. Udo. thanks for working with us! Toomas, Peep. Sven & Topten team – remember that there is only ONE Vanilla Ninja in the whole universe! Little Mike – how’s Pooksy? Thanks also to John O’Flynn, Gary, coaching crew from Cologne. Marcello. Carsten. Christian, Ecki. Yuji & Kiimakott and the rest of the great Japanese team, Pit and Christoph. Marcus and other guitar players who have helped us, Swiss TV, Toni & Flo, Sony, Mauritius, Yamaha. TV stations, magazines & newspapers who have featured us. And special thank you goes to our fans!! We always think of you wherever we are! Thanks for such a big support! WE LOVE YOU!!! And finally we wanna thank the good spirit and guardian angels who are around us… we have truly been blessed…

Piret: Emme, lssi, Mari & Pets – I couldn’t thank you enough for being there for me. You are definitely the coolest family on this planet! The rest of my big family – grandparents, aunts & cousins – thanks for your support! Artur. you are such a special person and you give me so much strength. Thanks for your understanding and patience. Kiss! Liisi you definitely have been “beaten with the best friend stick”. You rock, girl!!! Kairi, you are one of the sweetest persons on Earth – thanks for being such a cool friend! Sven thank you for all the discussions over music, life, Onu Raivo and other interesting stuff that has come to our crazy little minds. By the way – I can’t wail for the next picnic. I also want to say a big thank you to my previous colleges from Starlite Agency – I miss you! David, darling, please bring me immediately some tea and then let’s listen to those boys and girls who want to become singers! Thank you so much for all the amazing songs! 😉 And last but not least I want to send out one big bunch of hugs and kisses to my rocking ninja-sisters Lenna, Kati & Triinu!

Katrin: Aii karrambaa! Now’s the time for my thank yous… Mum, dad, sista – my wonderful family. Without you I probably wouldn’t be here right now. Luv ya!! Oll, my dear extreme-muzu, thankss for always being out there throughout the hard times! ASVV!! And the rest of our brilliant crew ninja turtles Piret, Lenna, Triinu – it’s been so megafun and relaxing all the time with our all kinds of kiivitaja and diiva jokes… aappii! You’re my extra-sisters, hehee. Also our master Daviido with never-ending inspiration and crazy stories – you’re just great! You’ve believed in us sinee the very first moment and that’s really cool! Many thanks to all of my friends and especially Karolin, also to the people who have helped us in different ways and the FANS!! Hugz!

Lenna: I would like to thank my family – my mom, dad and the best brother I could ever wish for. You are my biggest fans and have believed in me from the very beginning. Thank you for your support and care. Emps – it all got started, when you teached (should be “taught”) me all the songs you knew, the time I was 2 years old 🙂 Thank you! I love you! My friends – who have sticked with me through the good and bad times – Kassiimoodo ;). Jaan. Mannu – my little angel. Miku. Evvu, Tiimikas 😉 and Viimsi crew – I will never forget the wild times we had! And of course my Ninja-girls!! My life wouldn’t be so sunny without you! I care about you so much! I also wanna thank all the teachers who have ever worked with me – especially Saluveeer – without you I wouldn’t sound and be like I am today.And Küllli Puhkim – you have always given me space to grow and be who I am. Thank you! Special thanks goes (should be “go”) to David Brandes – you give me self-confidence by believing in me so strongly. And you gave me my music! I couldn’t thank you enough, but I promise to be tough enough,ok? ;)!!! And as last – there is one very special person in my life, my angel. Whom – I would like to thank for his neverending love and understanding.Thank you Musi 😉 I love you!!!!!


Special Thanxxx
Renee [Meriste], thank you for getting in touch with David [Brandes] and informing him of out existence. Topten and Sven [Lõhmus], we want to thank you for believing in us from the very beginning. We also want to thank each and every person who has ever worked with us in any way at all – especially Udo, Jan, Marcello, Karsten and the Video guys. We are very grateful for everything.

Thank You so much to all of the magazines and TV. Shows that found space and time to feature us and to Yamaha who helped us out with the instruments.

Special thanks go to those people who were not only patient but also helped and encouraged us in the studio whilst recording – they include Peter Weihe. Markus Wienstroer, Pit Low, Udo Arndt, Christoph Leis-Bendorff and Gary Jones.

And of course we want to say a huge thanks to all of “YOU”…… our wonderful and beautiful fans and supporters!

Last but not least we feel the need to thank God and faith…..
We are truly very lucky people.