The Killers
One of the editors from the Estonian magazine “Kroonika” went to London and met the guys from The Killers.
They asked him about his origins and he said he was from Estonia. Then the rockstars said that they associate this country with Vanilla Ninja! Kroonika’s editor was very surprised because they did know about Vanilla Ninja. He asked The Killers what they thought about the Ninjas and they replied: “They are the blonde girls with guitars! They are very beautiful ladies. Their music is rock with a little bit of whipped-cream!”.

Good Charlotte
Good Charlotte played a concert in Estonia in April, 2008. Piret interviewed them and guess what they said!
“Since we met Vanilla Ninja, we wanted to come to Estonia”. This doesn’t need any further explanation 🙂

Pink: Vanilla Ninja is great and their music rocks!
When Pink was touring Europe, she said something about the Ninjas in an interview for MTV!
MTV: You advertised your last album “I’m Not Dead” in many European countries. Was it worth it?
Pink: Of course! The album sells excellent and I learnt about new bands I’ve never heard of. I also bought some CDs we can’t buy in USA.
MTV: Who are they?
Pink: For example Lordi and the Estonian girlband Vanilla Ninja.
MTV: Could you say something more about them?
Pink: (…) Vanilla Ninja are three chilled out girls! They are great and their music rocks. Their new album “Love Is War” is just great and everybody should have it.
MTV: So your music preferences have changed? Because they are pop bands I think…
Pink: (laughing) This is rock! Remember audience, girls always rule in this rocky world!


The guys from Brainstorm met several times with the Vanilla Ninja girls.
This is the interview with them before MTV EMA 2006 awards:
Today we’re talking with the band called Brainstorm, which as the only one from our country (Latvia) got nominated in the Baltic Act category.
What do you think about your competitors?
Renars: I know only about the band Vanilla Ninja.
Janis: Hmmm… yes, our rivals again.
Kaspars: I know only Vanilla Ninja and Tanel Padar And The Sun. Both of them are from Estonia.
Vanilla Ninja? I’ve heard you won with them in Sopot?
Janis: Bullshit! They didn’t win, we didn’t either. The fact that jury didn’t like their performance means nothing, because they played much harder than on the CD. Much more rocky. From the things I know, it was their purpose. I can tell you that they have a lot of fans in Sopot, Poland.
Renars: Vanilla Ninja really have a lot of fans. I saw what happened in July and September, that’s why we’re afraid of them. They can get ahead of the prize.
Gundars: It’s very funny what people imagine.


Backing to EMA. Are you afraid of other competitors?
Renars: Honestly? No! (laugh) But everything can happen. I’m afraid only of those three girls. Although, they are so nice and likeable, I’m scared of them (laugh).
Gundars: Once someone wins, once someone loses. You can’t get everything in life. Probably now there will be lots of rumours that we like the girls from Vanilla Ninja or we are cheating on our wives or girlfriends.
Renars: And we just like their music, but we believe in our strength and our fans!

How is the feeling to get a “fight” once again with the same band?

Gundars: Wonderful feeling! To me, it’s like, we’ve got a second chance to show them what Brainstorm is!
Renars: I’m glad that we got on, as you said “a fight” with this and no another band, because we really respect them. Maybe this time we’ll win? Who knows…

Helena Vondráčková
“Vanilla Ninja is a volcano of energy!”
Helena Vondráčková is one of the most famous pop singers. It’s estimated that Helena sold over 150 000 000 CDs that gave her a position in spearhead of the world stars. She sings in Czech, Polish, German, Russian, English and Japanese. Helena was in the jury for the Sopot Festival 2006, the international song contest, which Vanilla Ninja participated in. After their performance she spoke very well about the girls. “That is really a strength of the women!”she said surprised – “I think it’s the first time I’ve seen something like this. A girl for me is always something like a flower – sensitive, soft. And that was a volcano! That’s what I saw!” laughed Helena. “3 beautiful and strong women” – that’s how Helena describes Vanilla Ninja.