Origin: Latin language
For sex: famale
Meaning: Lion
Description: Name Lenna describes the practical, responsible and naturally stable. It depicts a kind of person who prefer set one’s face for effort and who wants to get all by her hard working than just take things or ask for a permission. A person named Lenna the most often is determinated and trustful that’s why it’s easy to get her into the problems of other people.  Notwithstanding she loves to make her own decistions and it’s here element. She is deliberate like the meaning of the name says, so she knows where to stop saying her opinions not to hurt the others – although she often gives such arguments which persuade second person to her point of view. Lenna means also courage, strength and attachment to closest people. She’s able to protect them even if she’s afraid.

Origin: Greek language
For sex: female
Meaning: Taintless
Description: Name Katrin gives persistence to pursue and also extraordinary independent. When a person named by this name takes any duty, she goes with it around her point of view and the others have to accept it. In group-workings she often cast away eventual bias against enemy to make a duty and gives her bests. Katrin is a kind of person who takes as a friends people who understand her. Name Katrin means also beauty, fairness, perfection, subtlety and susceptibility.

Origin: Estonian language
For sex: female
Meaning: independence, createment (from Latin)
Description: Word Piret describes person who’s strongly independent, extremely creative, very ambitious and who likes unordinary things.  Indubitable weakness is that she can really quickly loose her entusiasm with fighthing for her profits and to fight with problems of daily life, although it’s not kind of person who cries in room. She needs time to see the problem in completly other light and to get strenght to fight for this what she wants. Easly connects contact with other people. She likes to have a ‘warm’ relactionships. She prefers love than hate and the peace on the world.