Vanilla Ninja have advertised many different products so far. Read about their variety below!

Vanilla Ninja ice cream

A Vanilla Ninja ice cream is one of the first products advertised under their name. The ice cream, by Balbiino company, sells about 300 000 units monthly, it is a huge success in Estonia. In 2007, new ice cream logos have appeared, where we can see the current band members; before there were the covers which included former members Maarja Kivi and Triinu Kivilaan.

Katrin about the Vanilla Ninja ice-cream: “I have a very big temptation, that is for the Vanilla Ninja ice cream. This is one of my favourite sweets. I can say that sometimes I eat it more than enough. In Winter, I put the ice cream in cocktails and add, for example, bananas or chocolate bars. In Summer, I simply take them with me and go for a walk. And this ice cream is my favorite because it is of our own group. It is a simple good ice cream, so light and very tasty.”

A lot of German fans wondered why they didn’t sell the ice-cream in their country. The answer is simple – Vanilla Ninja ice cream consists of ingredients which are not allowed in their country by the European Union 😉
Vanilla Ninja ice cream with glaze 110ml/80g – Consists of: water, chocolate flavoured gaze 19% (partly hydrogenated vegetable fat, sugar, cocoa powder, powdered whey, emulsifier E322), sweet cream, sugar, powdered skimmed milk, butter, glucose syrup, powdered whey, stabilizers E466, E412, E407, fragrance and flavor agent (vanilla). 100g contains: energy 280kcal/1165 kJ, proteins 3.0g, carbohydrates 21,9g, fats 20,1g. Store at: -18°C.
Got scared? We tried it and we can confirm it tastes really delicious! 🙂

Starter energy drink

Since the beginning, Vanilla Ninja advertised an energy drink called STARTER. It’s the most popular and the best selling energy drink in Estonia. The girls have even advertised it in their first album booklet, because the company sponsored the recording. Not only did the Ninjas appear in the TV commercial, that had “Club Kung-Fu” as the background music, but also in the magazines.

Rowenta Lissima Hairdryer

Another advertised product was a hairdryer from the German companyRowenta. Vanilla Ninja advertised it in the TV commercial on the German Viva channel and the girls also had a promotional photoshoot. In the commercial the Rowenta’s model called Lissima was shown. What is more, the girls promoted this product with a special meeting with fans!

Plus GSM – mobile phone network operator

Advertising Estonian and German products, Vanilla Ninja finally got into one Polish advert. They advertised a cell phone network – Plus GSM‘s website. People can download MP3s and music videos there.

Love is War TV commercial

In the middle of 2006, Vanilla Ninja appeared in a commercial for their “Love Is War” album. For the first time in their career they recorded a short clip to be promoted on German TV. The commercial was shown on channels like Viva and Viva Plus.

Aqua Fit – mineral water

Lately the girls released their own water line – AquaFit. Aquafit water is full of freshness – Katrin, Lenna and Piret recommend it! AquaFit is well refreshing and healthy, but what is the most important thing – it is also very tasty! The new AquaFit series include two near-water type of tasting water: grape-blackberry-hibiscus taste water and pear-elderberry taste water. In addition to that, AquaFit product line includes also traditional lightly carbonised table water All these are perfectly good for sporting, drinking with food or just for quenching your thirst. AquaFit waters contain little calories. Best to drink cooled.

There are not only adverts connected to Vanilla Ninja! The girls have also separately taken part in different projects.
Puhas Loodus cosmetics

Puhas Loodus is the latest advert in which Lenna performs. She advertises a newcosmetic line, “Pure Nature” by the Estonian company Orto, which is made only from natural products and contains vitamins. The Ninja was chosen to perform in such a commercial because of her being ranked “the sexiest Estonian woman” and her acting ability. Lenna took part in a photoshoot and in a TV commercial, to which she recorded a special short song. To see the TV commercial, click here.

KIA Motors Estonia

At the end of 2008, Lenna took part in KIA’s action “KIA Motors Christmas-Wishes”. In the photo, which is at the same time as the Christmas card, she is surrounded by men with rings, money and different jewellery. Her gesture shows that she doesn’t want any of these. She wants the new KIA car for Christmas. Before this advertisement she bought her first car in Kia Motors car showroom and probably because of this fact she was chosen to participate in the ad.

Minu inimesed campaign

Lenna Kuurmaa as a well-known person, decided to take part in action against HIV called “Minu inimesed” (My People). In the advertisement she tried to explain to everyone why HIV tests are so important. The main goal of this action was to make young people know the danger of HIV and AIDS. She was the face of this campaign togheter with Joosep from Bedwetters. Lenna also performed in a TV commercial for this campaign. Moreover, as the continuation, she took part in a naked session for Indrek Galetin’s photoshoot “Amour-Vahet Pole”. Money gathered from selling those picture went into the account of action against HIV. Read what’s Lenna’s opinion on HIV:

Care for self and others
Go and test yourself
In Estonia, an average of two people become infected with HIV each day. So far Estonia has been infected with HIV by sexual contact, and many thousands of people are up to 25 years old. HIV is a virus that is not written in the media headlines. How do you know that you are not one of those who carries the virus? Are you sure that your partner is not the one with it? Do not live in silence and ignorance! Show that you care about yourself and your loved ones. Get tested!
Lenna Kuurmaa

Ara ole topis! Liiguta!

Ara ole topis! Liiguta! (Don’t be stuffed! Move!) – an action which aim was to encourage Estonians to move after Winter. Lenna tried to become an example and move a dummy (symbol of Estonian) while riding on the rollers. The commercial was shown on ETV, Kalev Sport and TV3. A year before she took part in a similar action and encouraged people to move while riding a bicycle. Check out the commercial here.

Lx Power energiajook

Lx Power energiajook is the energy drink by Liiwi Heliis Ltd. similar to Starter advertised by Katrin. It is probably the first advertisement for her. Not only was it a magazine ad and a TV commercial, but also a door hanger!

Toyota Estonia

Another company advertised by Katrin is Toyota. She became the face of the brand at the beginning of 2007. Personally Kati owns a Toyota Land Cruiser 120 and probably because of that she became the face of the company.

Coke and Food

In 2008, Piret was to advertise for an Estonian website of “Coke and Food”. On the website internet users could watch an interactive image of her and check her behaviour after clicking on different buttons.