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B-Sides & Others:

Crashing Through The Doors
Birds of Peace

Birds of Peace (Vina)

Operation B (with BDÖ)
Falling Star

Kauge Kuu

Light Of Hope

Ballroom Blitz
Pie Jesu



1. Gotta Get It Right
2. No Regrets
3. The Reason Is You
4. Driving Through the Night
5. Faith
6. I Miss You Like Hell
7. Waterfalls
8. Encore
9. Incredible
10. The Look In Your Eyes
11. Say It Loud
12. It Ain’t you
13. Daylight
14. White Flags

Love is War

1. Kingdom Burning Down

2. Dangerzone (Long Version)

3. The Band That Never Existed

4. Rockstarz

5. Shadows On The Moon

6. Black Symphony

7. Pray

8. Battlefield

9. Spirit Of The Dawn

10. Insane In Vain

11. Bad Girls

12. Silence

13. Love Is Just A War

14. My Name

Blue Tattoo


1. Blue Tattoo

2. Cool Vibes

3. Never Gotta Know

4. Just Another Day To Live

5. I Don’t Care At All

6. The Coldest Night

7. Hellracer

8. I Know

9. Corner Of My Mind

10. Undercover Girl

11. My Puzzle Of Dreams

12. Nero

13. Just Another Day To Live (Extended)
14. Corner Of My Mind (Extended)

Traces Of Sadness


1. Tough Enough

2. Traces Of Sadness

3. Stay

4. When The Indians Cry

5. Don’t Go Too Fast

6. Heartless

7. Liar

8. Don’t You Realize

9. Wherever

10. Metal Queen
11. Looking For A Hero

12. Destroyed By You

13. Traces Of Sadness (Extended)
14. Heartless (Extended)

Vanilla Ninja


1. Guitar And Old Blue Jeans

2. Why?

3. Club Kung-Fu

4. Nagu Rockstaar

5. Purunematu

6. Inner Radio

7. Outcast
8. Toxic

9. Spit It Out
10. Psycho

11. Klubikuningad

12. Polluter

13. Vanad Teksad Ja Kitarr

14. Sugar And Honey

15. Club Kung Fu (Dn’b Remix)

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