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Lenna acts again

It is a common knowledge that from year 2007 Lenna tries her luck in acting. She touched almost every type of it- a movie (Kuhu põgenevad hinged), TV series (Kodu keset linna), theatre play (Perikles), musical (Snoopy), a trailer for a book (Nullpunkt), advertisement (Puhas Loodus cosmetics), short movies that raise awarness (Laps otsib Turvakeskusest […]

Lenna to perform at Uus Maailm Tänavafestival

Uus Maailm Tänavafestival is a street event taking place on September 4th- 5th in one of Tallinn’s districts – Uus Maailm (New world). This quarter is located between Väike-Ameerika, Luha and Kesk-Ameerika streets and during these two days, these streets are going to be full of attractions for children and adults. One of the highlights […]