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EMA 2019

Estonian Music Awards are the most important prizes in the Estonian music industry. They are handed annually by Eesti Fonogrammitootjate Ühing during one of the most prestigious domestic galas, which usually takes place at the end of January. Lenna is a frequent guest at this award ceremony, either as a nominee or a guest performer.

Unistuste Bänd 2011

The  Unistuste Bänd’s members have been chosen. Unfortunately Piret doesn’t belong to the band this year, but there’s also good news- Reigo Ahven (Lenna’s drummer) became the best drummer of the year and will play together with the Estonian Dream Band 2011 at Aastahitt 2011 gala. Our congratulations Ahven! This is how  Unistuste Bänd is going to look […]

R2 Aastahitt 2010 and Elmar Aastahitt 2010

Raadio 2 Aastahitt 2010 is already over. Now we can present you the results that had been announced on January 5th 2011, during the Aastahitt gala. 4 of Lenna’s songs had found their place in this chart: 8. Lenna Kuurmaa – Rapunzel (358 votes) 9. Ott Lepland & Lenna Kuurmaa – Sinuni (309 votes) 24. […]