Vanilla Ninja member Piret Järvis-Milder was a recent guest at Raadio 2’s morning show „Hommik!”, where she spoke about the band’s reunion and their new album „Encore”.
The band Vanilla Ninja released the album „Encore” after the 15-years-long break.

Piret Järvis-Milder said that the album „Encore” reached 13th place in Germany’s top album sales chart in the first week after the release and it came as a surprise for her, as the band had not had the chance to advertise the new album yet. The album reached Austrian and Swiss charts as well.

The singer stated that even though the band had many admirers within the German-speaking cultural circle, they had not had to sing in German yet. I would not be surprised if a song in German was to come soon. – mentioned Järvis-Milder and said that although their repertoire was mostly in English, the songs released at the beginning of the band’s career were [written] in Estonian.

Most of the fans have reacted well. – said Järvis-Milder. The former listeners found their way back to us.

Although the album has been a success so far, Järvis-Milder believes that there are still some efforts needed to make the results even better. Of course, there is still work to be done, so that everything gets even better. Now it is just the beginning.

Regardless of the fact that the band made a years-long break from music, highly-successful Vanilla Ninja ice cream has not disappeared from the shop shelves. It is a very simple, tasty ice cream. – Järvis-Milder explains the ice cream’s success. I think this is the key to that success. – believes the singer.

Piret Järvis-Milder stands by the opinion that misunderstandings will probably occur in every band, because of the amount of time spent together. It is inevitable that clashes will happen. – said Järvis-Milder but revealed that there had been no major problems within the band.

While on air, Järvis-Milder remembered that in girls bands such misunderstandings as those regarding a hairdresser or make-up artist may come to play.

According to Järvis-Milder, even though the band’s reunion had been planned for years, it was still tough to organize. It is quite difficult to do one thing over a long distance. – said Piret Järvis-Milder and mentioned that [some of the] band members – Katrin Siska and Triinu Kivilaan – live abroad.