Already on Friday, during the Estonian Film and TV Awards’ gala, last year’s most notable figures will be awarded in 15 television and 15 film categories. During the event, which is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year, Vanilla Ninja will return to the stage for the first time in over 10 years.
The performance at the EFTA gala will really be our first open performance in over 10 years and I am so glad it is finally happening. – said Piret Järvis-Milder. This is how our comeback will finally become official. That we are not only pecking within the studio walls but still get in front of the audience as well. Moreover, it is very important that it is at home where we can make our first, so to speak, comeback public appearance. Feeling excited and hopeful either way.
Being an EFTA laurate herself (“Pealtnägija” won an award for “The best informative program or publicism” in 2017), Järvis-Milder will be nervous for the future winners and because of the Vanilla Ninja performance. I am used to sitting in the hall and keeping fingers crossed for my people during EFTA, this year I will have to be anxious behind the stage, at the same time waiting our turn to perform. – said Järvis-Milder. But many of my good colleagues are nominees this time as well, so the excitement and fingers-crossing will certainly reach the backstage. In any case, EFTA is a very homey event to me, with a lot of friends and people I admire as colleagues in the audience, so that will make this performance so much more special.
Vanilla Ninja will come out on stage with a repertoire suitable for the anniversary, including some nostalgic notes and also new music. The audience can watch the gala live on ETV and ETV2. The live stream will begin at 18:30 on ETV2, and starting from 20:00 the gala will be available on ETV.