Piret Järvis-Milder, a member of Vanilla Ninja, said in an interview for Raadio 2 that being a part of a band with a baby at the side is a completely different experience. There is a lot more revolting and planning than before. – said Piret, who became a mother on August 14th last year.

When we went to Germany in May to film the videos for our new songs, we always had to finish shooting by 21:00 at the latest. – said the musician. Lenna and I kept on showing the clock to everyone there – we cannot go overtime because we have to be home by 21:30 and put our children to sleep. It is no longer a case that video shoots last until night and you go to hang out somewhere in a bar afterwards, you have to party with other colleagues. It is much calmer in that sense now.

Järvis-Milder admitted that the idea to reunite Vanilla Ninja had come from the band’s songwriter and producer David Brandes, with whom they had parted ways in 2005. He decided that it was worth another try. Thanks to him, everything finally succeeded. For years we were thinking that we could come together again and make music, but everyone lives in different countries, people have families. Being in a band is no longer as easy as it was years ago. But yes, certainly thanks to David… He is a doer. Once he sets his mind to something, he will hold the team together, lead it very successfully and whip whenever necessary to make everyone pick up the slack and get to work! Big respect to him that he bothered to carry everything this way. 

Piret marked that the long-awaited comeback of the group had begun when David Brandes had called Lenna Kuurmaa. However, the talks to reunite the band and record an album started already 10 years ago. At that time, we could not reach an agreement over all the conditions, and so it was left there. But now it got done. 

Brandes is a melody master and he does not let others fool around with the songs. For the lyrics, he has reliable partners, such as German John O’Flynn, who wrote the Eurovision winning song from 1982,  “Ein bißchen Frieden”, and was the lyricist for many of Vanilla Ninja’s hits. Piret told Raadio 2 that together with Lenna they had got to write some lyrics for Vanilla Ninja’s upcoming album “Encore” (premiering in October), but they had certainly felt that they had wanted to do even more. The reason we ended our cooperation with David years ago was exactly the same – we wanted to get more involved in the creative process. – said Piret.

For Vanilla Ninja’s first, self-titled album, released in 2003, the girls got help from our hit master, Sven Lõhmus, whom, according to Piret, they still have a good relationship with. The musician admitted that she reached out to Sven recently, after many years and they agreed they had to meet and talk soon.

As for the Eesti Laul contest, Piret said: Lenna shared her point of view just recently and I was very surprised it was a cardinal “no!” from her. Therefore you will not see us perform at this contest as a band – at least in the next few years. Due to the spread of coronavirus, everyone also has to wait for the band’s concerts, they will most likely not reach the stages before next summer.

Source: Muusikaplaneet