Last week, former Vanilla Ninja members revealed on their social media that they were going to reunite and release a new album next year.
Actually, I guess you could say that the new Vanilla Ninja will sound like the old Vanilla Ninja. We don’t want to shock anybody, so I think those people, that liked Vanilla Ninja’s music 15 years ago, will be happy, because the sound remains quite the same. What I really like is that we are not going to try out a new, modern sound image, but stick to our roots. – said Piret Järvis-Milder in Raadio 2’s morning show “Hommikus!”.
She added that the exact release date of the new album is still unknown, but the new music will definitely be heard next year. For now, they have prepared 5 songs with David Brandes, but there are more needed for the album. It was also Brandes’ idea to bring the singers back together.
It might be necessary to review this later, but in my opinion the idea did come from David. He reached out to us and said that maybe we could give a thought to the idea of recording a new album. And we thought we would do it. – said Järvis-Milder and added that it took them some time and thinking to reach an agreement.
You need some time for consideration, because our lives are now different from what they were like 15-20 years ago. Everyone established families here in the meantime, with other jobs and activities. It’s no longer as easy as it was for the teenage girls, to leave everyone here in Estonia and go. There are different challenges now. – said Järvis-Milder.
She also added that the band would have 4 members once again – in addition to Järvis-Milder, Lenna Kuurmaa, Katrin Siska and Triinu Kivilaan are back on board. Vanilla Ninja never split up, which is funny – we didn’t have any exact date, when we were going to give the last concert and then split up. Officially, we have been together the whole time, just not doing anything. We were on vacation and we will be returning from the said vacation soon. – said Järvis-Milder.
We are ready and willing to play big concerts in Estonia next year. – said Järvis-Milder, while adding that time will tell if the Coronavirus pandemic will have subsided by then or not.

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