Singer Lenna Kuurmaa started hosting a new radio program “Manna ja Lenna” together with Raadio Elmar’s editor-in-chief Mari-Liis Männik. The show airs on Raadio Elmar every Monday from 14:00 to 18:00.
The program is going to be fun, positive and filled with subjects that women can relate to. Manna and Lenna will often talk about very personal issues. They will certainly encourage listeners to express their opinions and play fun radio-games with them. As there will be two Estonian music lovers in the studio, exciting conversations with musicians will surely go on air.
Raadio Elmar’s editor-in-chief, Mari-Liis Männik, is extremely pleased that Lenna decided to join Elmar’s family. Lenna’s creations and voice have always been very popular among Raadio Elmar’s listeners and from now on they will get to know more about her, and actually about me as well, while we are on air. On Mondays together we offer a vigorous and positive show, that you can nicely start the whole week with.
I was awaiting new challenges. The last time I worked at a radio was a long time ago and I have been missing it. Raadio Elmar is the best and also the only Estonian music radio in our countryside and I am very happy to join their friendly and lovely team in Tartu. – commented Lenna Kuurmaa.

You can listen to the first episode of the show HERE.

Source: Kroonika