In September, Lenna, among the other Estonian celebrities, went to a garbage dump in Jõelähtme on a trip arranged by the organizers of World Cleanup Day 2019 (PHOTOS). The aim of the happening was to raise awareness about the impact such amounts of rubbish, as those produced in and around Tallinn, have on the environment, especially in the times of global warming, climate changes and Amazon forests burning down. As the subject of our planet’s well-being became very dear to Lenna, who is a mother and a nature lover herself, she decided to take part in another initiative that was started by the Estonian Ministry of Environment.
It promotes the products that help minimize the ecological footprint we have on the Earth – those that come in recyclable packagings, contain less harmful chemicals or are transported in the most ecological way possible. Such items come with a special sign and Lenna encourages Estonians to look for it and choose such products from the variety of other ones.