Journalist Piret Järvis is getting ready for the „Ööjooks” (night run) in Rakvere, and top runners Lily, Liina and Leila Luik are helping her with that.
I really like the fact that the professionals are guiding me. Until now, I have been just jogging, but I’ve never known if I had been doing it right or wrong. It’s great that now the Luik sisters assess my abilities and make recommendations. – says Järvis, who loves to train in Tallinn’s city centre. For the first challenge, Piret chose to attend the nightrun on August 16th, which was her first running competition after highschool times. The Luik sisters recommended increasing the number of trainings to prepare better for the Ööjooks . There should be total of 4 running trainings this week and you should do overall exercises two or three times. During the week before the big run, there should be 3 running trainings and the day before should be off. – suggests Liina Luik. Preparations for running competions are very multi-faceted. Apart from muscle training, speed training, running habituation, running technique training, motion enhancements and muscle maintenance the whole body should be prepared. – emphasizes Lily Luik. Equipment, which supports training and competition activities, is also very important – so it does not make the whole training feel like hell.
IN OUR GALLERY you can view the pictures from the Ööjooks and check out what outfit was chosen for Piret by Cosmopolitan’s readers in a contest on Cosmo’s Facebook page.

Source: Õhtuleht