Television star Piret Järvis has had her ups and downs with her fiancé, drummer Kallervo Karu, but now their relationship finally came to the end and supposedly Piret has found a new partner, according to Kroonika. Basing on the gossip magazine’s data, Piret Järvis exchanged her drummer-partner for a vocalist. Her new love is the vocalist and guitarist of the alternative band Slippery Slope, Egert Miller (24), who is also an estimator-site manager in the real estate development company Kaamos Ehitus. Piret’s alleged new partner wonders where these rumours come from. He confirms that he knows Piret but he wants to remain in gentlemanlike confidentiality. When Õhtuleht asked if the stories about him and Piret corresponded the truth, Egert replied: I would rather talk about the band, my private life is only for me. What is the idea of him and Piret being a couple based on? I have no idea. We were probably active together somewhere. – answered Egert.

Source: Õhtuleht