On June 14th 2013 Piret Järvis and Jüri Muttika were guests of ETV’s breakfast program “Terevisioon” . They spoke mostly about the festival Rock Summer 25 that was to start on June 15th 2013.
Heidy and me are interviewing famous and wonderful people while Muttika is reporting. – Piret explained the division of duties. Terevisioon’s host, Urmas Vaino, asked Piret what kind of a feeling does a musician have before going on a stage. A little bit nervous. – said Järvis. For the first three minutes there is an inevitable kind of nervousness, then it turns into a well-being and then into a hysteria. At the beginning you are still thinking of how this mass is going to like you. They don’t always come just because of you. You can watch episodes of Rock Summer 25 report with Piret here: 1, 2, 3, 4, and the episode of Terevisioon with her HERE.

Source: Ninjaportaal