Piret Järvis remembers touring with Vanilla Ninja: Help, I didn’t want it! I wanted to go home!

Many Vanilla Ninja fans still wonder why the band dissapeared from the top of the music business. Now Piret Järvis gives an answer in the interview for Anne & Stiil where she speaks about homesickness and the wish to stay in Estonia.

Piret says that she experienced a familiar feeling of the band’s life again at the beginning of the last year, when in spring she travelled in France for a few days with the band Ewert and The Two Dragons to prepare material for her TV show “Pealtnägija”. I quickly recalled the times when the girls and I had been playing big concert tours and how much I had missed home then. For a few years I had a suitcase instead of a home and then I felt that “Help! I don’t want it! I want to go home!”. – says Piret.

She does not rake over the past now, as the band’s last CD was released almost 7 years ago, followed by the last big tours around Germany and Austria. All my closest ones are all here and I want to be close to them.

Source: Õhtuleht