Piret Järvis and Indrek Treufeldt were travelling around the Europe for the whole summer to gather the material for their new TV series “27” that will be broadcasted on ETV from September 7th 2012. The programme had a budget of 83 925€, obtained from the Riigikantselei (State Chancellery). The series’ production took part in an open competition organized by the Riigikantselei and it was their (ERR’s) project that won. – explains ERR’s spokeswoman Anneli Tõevere-Kaur to the Õhtuleht’s web editor.
Tõevere-Kaur says that originally the series was to be called “Fragments and a piano” and the hosts, Piret Järvis and Indrek Treufeldt, were meant to visit all the countries of the European Union.
In addition to the local life of every country we present one special thing and some little facts about the economy, tourism, music or any other aspect that will let the viewers get to know that country from a different point of view. – says the ERR’s spokeswoman. The show should expand our knowledge about Europe, explaining the cultural characteristics of different places.
On “Pealtnägija’s” Facebook page you can view the photos of Piret visiting Greece and Cyprus. In Greece she took a closer look at the Thessaly region where she spent some time at the monastery of the Holy Forerunner where a lot of Greeks search for support in religion in these economically difficult times. She also took a look at the nunns’ organic farming. In Cyprus Piret went fishing and learned about the the special relationship that local people have with water.

As most of you probably know, last year Piret became a member of the crew of the investigative TV program “Pealtnägija”, in substitution for the reporter Kadi Jaanisoo, who had decided to go on a leave because of the family reasons. From “Pealtnägija’s” Facebook page we can learn that Piret will keep the job of “Pealtnägija’s” reporter for good as Kadi Jaanisoo does not intend to come back from the leave. And so, today ETV emitted “Pealtnägija’s” new season’s first episode in which Piret conducted her own investigation. You can watch it HERE. Piret’s case starts at 28:20.

Source: Ninjaportaal