We prepared a contest for the most loyal fans of Vanilla Ninja. There are TWO tickets to win. Everyone can take part in the contest, no matter where you live. Just make sure you are really able to go to Riga, because it would not make sense to win a ticket and never use it.

To find out what you need to do in order to win, click on “read more”.

There are two parts in the contest.

The first part of the contest is the quiz.


1. In what category did Vanilla Ninja get the prize during the festival in Chile in 2008?
2. The song “The band that never existed” is connected to Lenna’s personal life. Explain how.
3. Name the present male members of Vanilla Ninja and the instruments they play.
4. Which famous Estonian band recorded the new version of their most famous song in collaboration with Vanilla Ninja back in 2009?
5. Name the school Lenna and Maarja attended.
6. What is the title of the Estonian TV show that Piret recorded in one of the exotic Asian countries?
7. What animal was originally meant to be used in the “Cool Vibes” video?
8. How did Vanilla Ninja management lie about Triinu’s age after she had joined the band and why?
9. Which Vanilla Ninja song did Lenna and Artur Talvik perform during the show “Laulud Tähtedega”?
10. How many times has Vanilla Ninja performed in Poland?
11. Which guitar company used to be one of the Vanilla Ninja sponsors back in 2004/5?
12. Who was a candidate to become a member of the group, but never did, after first band member had left?
13. Who organized the performance of Vanilla Ninja at “Pestivals”?
14. Which single was the most successful in charts?
15. Which place did Vanilla Ninja get in the national preselections for the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2003, by jury’s and by televoters’ choice?
16. Which record was released without Vanilla Ninja knowing about it?
17. What is the name of the tour in Latin America that has never happened so far?
18. Why did Vanilla Ninja decide that in their music video to the song “Dangerzone” the main plot idea was to rob the casino?
19. “Kingdom Burning Down” from “Love Is War” is quite a special song with hidden messages. What did girls actually want to say by recording it?
20. In which of the video(s) can we see singer Gracia making a cameo appearance?
21. What is the title of the only song that was recorded in two versions, each with the use of different Vanilla Ninja’s ex-member’s vocal?
22. In what city did VN live while recording their last album?
23. Once Katrin recorded a very short song for the Estonian TV show. What lyrics did it have?
24. Name the cover song the band performed on their “Blue Tattoo” tour in 2005.
25. Where was this photo taken? Name the country.

26. Once, in 2004, short time before Maarja left, VN had already performed at some events as a trio. What had been the reason?
27. What did producers of “Dangerzone” music video originally want to portrait the girls as and why did the girls have to change the script in the end?
28. How were the girls involved in writing the lyrics to the song “Rockstarz”?
29. Which of VN’s songs is about homesickness?
30. What did VN girls say about Pisco at Viña del Mar International Song Festival?

There is also a second part, the creativity contest. You need to show us how much Vanilla Ninja mean to you, by doing something creative. It can be anything, e.g. an inspiring video, a picture, a drawing, a painting, anything that you can use to express your love for VN. It is all up to you!

All you have to do is to send your answers/works to (subject: quiz or subject: creativity).

The deadline for sending the entries is 05.07.2012.
You can participate in both parts of the contest and there will be two winners announced (there exists a possibility that the same person can win both parts; in such case this winner gets only one ticket and the person from the second place gets the second one).
If you miss some answers from the quiz, don’t worry, you can obviously still send in the answers. The person who has the most answers correct will win the quiz part.
The creativity part winner will be picked by 3 members of LN crew (Dan, Zuzia and Tom).

Good luck!
Love Ninjas team