Welcome to the new & fresh “Love Ninjas” fansite under the new site address – WWW.VANILLANINJA.EU!

This year Vanilla Ninja is celebrating its 10th anniversary. That’s why we thought we should have made some changes for this special occasion.

You may ask yourself “What’s new?”. Let us tell you!

  • A new design (well that’s obvious).  This change, as you noticed, is the brand new layout, with exclusive photoshoot used in it. Its author is our lovely graphic designer samary1175. The new look of our page was coded and modified by VN-LT-fan (NinjaDesigns).
  • New domain – WWW.VANILLANINJA.EU. Our site has changed the domain from love-ninjas.com to vanilla-ninja.com . We really hope that you’ll get used to a new site address soon.
  • The merger between “Vanilla Ninja Lithuania” and “Love Ninjas”.  “Vanilla Ninja Lithuania”, which was the biggest and only Lithuanian Vanilla Ninja fanpage, has united the powers with “Love Ninjas” fansite! It means that from now on our site is available in 3 languages: English, Russian and Lithuanian!
  • The gallery. Our biggest project, besides creating the 7th layout, has been the “Love Ninjas gallery” that has been unavailable for quite a long time. The wait is almost over. You will be able to visit it in a couple of weeks!

As usual, we will provide you with the latest news from the girls’ lives, as well as with photo and video updates. It’s been already 8 years since our site went online!
We hope you will love the new layout as much as we do and that you will keep visiting us! Please feel free to leave a comment (or vote in the poll) expressing your opinion about the design. We also hope that the Vanilla Ninja community will grow strong and unite once again, so that we will have the honour to be a part of this extraordinary history for at least another 8 years!

Thank you for your support,
The Love Ninjas team.