Raadio 2’s Aastahitt 2022

It’s finally possible to vote in Raadio 2 annual song contest “Aastahitt”! This year you can vote for our song “Encore ’22”. To do so, go to the contest’s website – www.aastahitt.ee. Under “2022 EESTI LOOD”, in “otsi” box, you need to search for the song and click “vali” to vote. After doing so, you need to enter your personal information. Type your name in “Eesnimi”, surname in “Perekonnanimi”, e-mail in “e-posti aadress” and click “hääleta”. In the end, to verify your vote, you will be asked to click on one of the three pictures, it is suggested that you use a translator to find out which one is correct.
The TOP 20 will be announced on December 12th and the TOP 10 on December 19th. The celebratory gala will be broadcast on December 29th on ETV at 19:45.

Lenna’s EP “Hoides sind” is out

This month, Vanilla Ninja’s lead singer released long-awaited new music. The three-song EP is called “Hoides sind” (“Holding You”) and was made in collaboration with Iris Vesik.

Lenna feels that it is difficult to find songwriters in Estonia, because there are few high-level professional ones and there are many artists that do not write for themselves. On my birthday, I played my first album again in the car and I was surprised to discover that on this record I was singing just like in the new songs. At that moment it seemed natural to me, but lately I have been rocking more and when I worked with Iris, I had to find my softer side again – it did not come easily at first, but finally it just clicked. Iris is a very special woman indeed. It took a few years for her to be ready to write for me. I am extremely happy and grateful for having the chance to create in such female energy. I have to admit that I was a little afraid of her because she is so special, bold and different, but after several meetings I realized that there was no need to be afraid – she is cute, sweet and tiny, just like me. – Lenna explained.

EFTA 2022

Yesterday, the Estonian film and TV awards gala took place in the Alexela concert hall in Tallinn. The show was broadcast on TV and we could see Piret performing a song together with other gala presenters. “Telebänd” featured Eeva Esse, Jüri Muttika, Jüri Butšakov, Piret Järvis-Milder, Kethi Uibomägi, Marek Lindmaa and Taavi Otsus. The song that they performed called “Piiritult lummav teleekraan” is a cover of a well-known Buggles classic from the 80s.
You can watch it below

R2 Hommik

On September 2nd, the stage in Tallinn’s Telliskivi quarter got overtaken by group Vanilla Ninja and rapper Nublu. According to the members of the band, also fans from foreign countries were coming to the concert.

Vanilla Ninja members, Lenna Kuurmaa and Piret Järvis-Milder, mentioned during the interview for the R2 morning show that 13 of their best songs were to be performed during the concert. Only singles, only hits and those songs, which I think everyone loves Vanilla Ninja the most for. – stated Kuurmaa.

During the concert, Järvis-Milder got the chance to play the guitar once again. She said she was nervous because she had to memorize all the chords and was not sure if she would manage to play all the songs. But fortunately, people have muscle memory and quite a lot was [still left] somewhere there in the subconsciousness. The process was not as difficult as I feared.– she said.

Concert in Tallinn – Telliskivi Loomelinnak

September 2nd 2022 marked a very important event in Vanilla Ninja’s history – the girls gave the first live performance in 13 years, during a joint concert with an Estonian rapper Nublu in Talinn’s Telliskivi. Their show started at 8 p.m. local time and lasted for about an hour. After the meet & greet with the fans, Piret, Kerli and Lenna performed their most memorable hits from all the albums. The girls were joined by a very special guest for the acoustic performance, which was a big surprise for the fans, who travelled from the most distant destinations in the world.

Pea ees vette. Tai Kuningriigis.

Last Saturday, ETV started broadcasting a new show called “Pea ees vette. Tai Kuningriigis” (“Head into the water. In the Kingdom of Thailand”). It is a new travel series that follows the adventures of musician couple, Piret Järvis-Milder and Egert Milder and their daughter Milli, in exotic Thailand. Egert and Piret have always been great travel buddies, who have travelled half the world together. Two years ago, daughter Milli had joined their family and last winter they decided to take the first long trip as a trio. So, they headed to Thailand for four months, where, in addition to the world’s most beautiful beaches, rich culture and unforgettable gourmet experiences, the three of them had a lot of adventures and complications that put the family relationships to the test. In the first part of the series, the Milders explore the colourful capital of the Kingdom of Thailand, Bangkok. You can watch the show every Saturday at 8 p.m. on ETV or online on ETV website.

Lenna Kuurmaa: coming back to the city does not seem logical at the moment

Lenna Kuurmaa, who had been living in Setomaa for quite some time now, was recently a guest on the Estonian TV show „Hommik Anuga” and stated that it did not seem logical for her at the moment to move back to the city.

Kuurmaa, who was raised in Mustamäe but now lives more than 250 km from Tallinn, admitted that now she feels out of place whenever she is in the city.

I try to enjoy this environment and see the positives, but in fact, I feel that my centre and my place, where I am at peace and happy, is in the countryside. I do not feel that way in the city anymore.

Kuurmaa described her experiences in a handbook directed to those who, just like her, would like to move from the city to the countryside

I wish to spread the idea that the countryside is enjoyable and encourage those people. There are more and more people who say that it is so nice and fun but how to leave everything behind and go through with this change.